April 25, 2016


Tip Top Tents also rents party accessories, such as tables, chairs, and clam steamers. Generally party accessory rentals are dropped off 1-3 days before your event, and picked up 1-3 days after your event. See pricing and rental information below.

8 Foot Banquet Table (Seats 8)
Rental Cost: $7/table
banquet table
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60 Inch Round Table (Seats 6-8)
Rental Cost: $7/table
round table
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Folding Chairs
Rental Cost: $1.00/chair
round table
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Heater with Propane
Rental Cost: $100 ($60 without propane)
Outdoor Propane Space Heaterclick image to enlarge
100′ White Globe Lights
Rental Cost: $100 per 100′ String
Tip Top Tents White Globe Lights
Yellow Cage Lights
Rental Cost: $15 per 10 LF (unless otherwise instructed, lights are strung longways down the midline of the tent—ex. 20×20 = $30, 20×30 = $45)
Tip Top Tents Yellow Cage Lights
1′ High Stage
Rental Cost: $75 per 4’x8′ Section, 12″ legs & 24″ legs available.
Modular Staging 4'x8' Sections